Efficiency Outreach Services

Water Group Promotions offers a ground-breaking, bespoke website communication and facilitation service through either the WGP brand or through our new consumer website brand, BigGreenSmile.com.

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Water Group Promotions is dedicated to promoting water efficiency. WGP sources and develops products to change the way water is used in the home and garden and our product range is constantly growing.

WGP works with water utility companies as well as with companies that support the water industry, organisations and charities that have an interest in the protection of water as a natural resource.

WGP has launched a ground-breaking, bespoke website communication and facilitation service. This efficiency outreach service is designed to help water utility companies provide their customers with up to date advice on water efficiency, access to the latest water efficiency products and a means of collecting large volumes of data directly from their customers.

  • Effectively communicate the water efficiency message to your customers, reinforced by behaviour-changing products.
  • Provide your customers with new ways to save water.

The package is a bespoke solution made up of several optional components. To create your package, choose from some of the options below, or call our sales team to discuss further.


At the core of WGP’s outreach services is the ability to communicate the water efficiency message to your customers. Individuals can make a difference and, collectively, they can make a very big difference indeed. We can help you to change their attitude to water use, educate them and provide the means for them to alter their behaviour.

A key factor in the success of Efficiency Outreach Services will be the ability to communicate the message to a large number of people in an efficient and costeffective manner. There are a number of ways that we can convey the message to large numbers of households.

  • A link from your main website to the water efficiency website.
  • Special Offers. Discount vouchers for water efficiency products enclosed in your water bill mailing to entice people to visit the water efficiency website.


This is the hub of WGP’s Outreach Services. People can be directed to it by word of mouth, by a link from the main corporate website or through an interesting voucher that has arrived with their bill. You can use our existing WGP site or we can develop a bespoke site that uses your brand, colour scheme and logos.

The website will be updated regularly with information, tips and advice on ways in which people can change their behaviour and use less water.

The website will also include a water efficiency web shop – which can optionally be branded to your requirements – and can be used to host surveys and questionnaires for your customers. The responses can be fed back to you in a comprehensive report. Options include:

  • A white label/own brand website created by WGP to tie in with your existing brand guidelines so that the customer makes a seamless transition from your actual site to what appears to be a water efficiency section of your website.
  • Use of WGP’s existing consumer website, with a bespoke landing page for your company. This would make it clear to the user that the site is not part of your corporate website but with limited branding would offer reassurance and a reminder of your company. Special discount codes could be distributed to give your customers discounts on the usual retail prices.
  • Click to see an example of a co-branded website that we are currently partnering with Essex & Suffolk Water. This example shows a garden promotion that went out on the water bills in March and the uptake to date has been very successful.

Survey / Audits

As well as reaching out to large proportions of your customer base with advice and added value discounts on behaviour-changing products, the water efficiency website also allows utility companies to get unique feedback directly from your customers. Discounts or special offers could be made conditional on the customer completing a simple questionnaire or survey or even an online water audit.

The website can be made into an incredibly powerful tool to collect data on existing behavioural patterns, making it easier to measure future success in changing them! The outreach service will empower both your customers and the utility companies.


WGP’s Outreach Services also provide reporting services capable of taking large volumes of raw data from the online surveys, questionnaires or water audits and providing regular feedback. This is invaluable information and a powerful tool for measuring current behaviour and, with time, how that behaviour is being changed.


WGP’s new consumer site www.biggreensmile.com offers a wide range of water, energy and eco products for the home and garden. Our offering includes the popular range of Ripple shower timers – for which we are the UK distributors.

We currently have over 300 product ranges in stock and are continually looking for new and innovative products that will encourage the more efficient use of water, energy and eco friendly products.

  • If customers are directed to our own site then the whole range will be available with special discount voucher codes to provide your customers with an extra incentive to purchase.
  • Bespoke sites can offer as little or as much of our product range as you want.

Customer services and distribution

WGP’s fulfilment service uses the latest software solutions to ensure that large volumes of orders are dispatched timely and efficiently. Our distribution centre is immediately notified of orders placed online.

For those with a specific query or those not online we can provide an individual customer service telephone line with fully trained staff on hand to help.

  • Fully trained customer services staff.
  • Customer service and distribution centre can be used for product sales and promotional give-aways as well as distributing your company literature with the orders.
  • Dedicated customer services telephone line for your customers.
  • Same day order dispatch by the distribution centre for orders placed before 1300 hrs.


The website will be updated regularly with news and advice. We will introduce new products on to the website as they become available. Discount vouchers and web links will encourage people to visit the site and follow-up marketing will help to get them to return to it. It is important that to keep water efficiency fresh in their mind.

WGP’s outreach services can also include regular email newsletters using the customer database – in line with the Data Protection Act and where people have given permission. These regular email-marketing campaigns can include details of upcoming events, advice and new special offers on products. WGP’s Efficiency Outreach Services are a bespoke service that can be created and changed to suit your requirements.

The Outreach Service:

  • Provides an ability to collect and report on data direct from your customers on a scale that is unsurpassed.
  • Offers your customers the widest range of water efficiency products available in the UK at the best value.
  • Provides the means to change attitudes to water efficiency on the largest scale.

Technical Background

Water Group Promotions uses an advanced, high-speed, energy-efficient computing infrastructure that can be scaled to meet any requirement.

Our use of high-speed, storage area network (SAN) technologies gives our servers excellent disk and database performance. The SAN also provides greater resilience than is usual as it includes redundant disks, hot swap ability and RAID 5 striping, plus extremely high-speed disk-to-server data transfer rates.

The design of our servers means they use much less electricity than the norm and, through our use of DC rather than AC power, generate much less heat, which reduces the demand for air-conditioning – again saving energy and increasing the life of the components.

Our core infrastructure has been chosen to meet expected ongoing demand for the service. It will be adapted as necessary to meet medium- and long-term increases in usage. We also have an arrangement that allows us to scale our application across large numbers of servers to meet any level of peak demand. This can be put in place for a few days, or for several months as necessary. This adaptability allows us to offer a level of service that few can match.

To learn more about the Efficiency Outreach Services from WGP please contact our office or visit our website.

This document is also available as a PDF.

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